want your own carlovely roller derby shirt?

it’s pre-order time! this awesome design is printed on american apparel unisex triblend tops, available in t-shirts or tank tops

to pre-order, please send $15 usd (+$3 S&H, a total of $18 USD) via paypal to: 

(international orders, please email me before you send money)

when sending the money, please include the size you’d like, style of top, as well as your shipping address.

sizing charts: t-shirt & tank top

[shirt design by the ever so awesome cutty bage]

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Posted on Tuesday 29th May at 6:57pm
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    I never did get around to ordering one! Once the flooded-apartment crap is all taken care of, I might treat myself!
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    Resisted reblogging all day. On the fifth occurence on my dash I will finally reblog. That’s some ridiculous ego...
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    Just pre-ordered the tank! super jacked!! :D
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    I’m reaaaaally leaning towards getting that tank. You guys should lean towards picking one up for yourself!
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    O M G
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    get your very own carlovely shirt! pre-order now!!!!
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    I want this as my scrimmage tank. SO HAWT
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    So good!
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