my new business cards came (pictured: front & back) in the mail today. they’re pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.

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Posted on Wednesday 14th September at 12:02pm
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  2. yummsh said: You’re PIERCING a cat? Wait… you’re STABBING a cat?! OMG POLICE. Jesus, people are dumb. Cool business cards.
  3. killevippen said: i like it! screw the person who commented that the cat was “unhygienic” or some bullshit, i think it’s cute.
  4. curlys-gold said: i was hoping the cat would pierce me… the card looks awesome
  5. ewwgrosstori said: I want you to pierce me!!!
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  7. wholenights said: don’t lie ! you don’t care about clean things ! you just can’t pierce and hold a cat at the same time ! that’s the real problem ! ppffff you should be able to do it your a multitasker by default *this is all a joke, i like the card
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    my new business cards came in the mail today (pictured: front & back)